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 California Pines Community Services District offers various services to the District residents. Our office hours and hours of operation are from 10:00 AM-3:00 PM, Monday through Friday (with the exceptions of Holidays as posted). 

 The District maintains 15 miles of roads 5 of those miles are paved. The District owns the appropriate equipment including a Roller and a Grader to properly maintain roads within our jurisdiction.

California Pines Community Services District is not part of the Property Owners Association, and does not collect, or recieve, any revenue, from the annual property dues that are collected from the Property Owners, in California Pines by the Property Owners Association.

The Cal Pines Property Owners Association (POA) with obligatory membership for all owners, has various responsibilities for improvements and maintenance, primarily for the maintenance of all roads except for those in the CSD assessment area (Lake Units 1B, 3, and 4; Mobile home Park).


Other services provided by the District are water, sewer and trash in specific locations:

  • WATER: Available in lake units 1B, 4, and Mobile Home Park.
  • SEWER: Available in Lake Units 1B, 4, and Mobile Home Park.
  • TRASH: Available in all areas of the District including Hill Units.
  • Vector (Mosquito Spraying): Available in Lake Unit 1B, 4, and Mobile Home Park.


California Pines Community Services District and the California Pines Property Owners Association are two separate offices, The POA is located at 750 Shasta View Dr in Alturas, California, this is also were the Cal Pines Lodge is located. Cal Pines CSD is located at 376 County Road 71 Alturas, California. 


California Pines CSD is not affiliated with any Real Estate company that sells property in, or around, Cal Pines. If you have questions, or concerns regarding selling your property, our only suggestion would be that you contact a real estate agency. Multiple real estate agencies can be found by searching the internet.


CSD Utility Service App.pdf2017 Consumer Confidence Report.docxCCR 2016.pdfCal Pines Job App.pdf
May contain: person, human, transportation, tractor, bulldozer, and vehicle
The flooding we had in 2017 did some mejor damage to our sewer ponds, but with ALOT of hard work we are happy to say it is in MUCH better condition than it had previously been!
May contain: rubble, gravel, road, dirt road, and ground
May contain: human and person
Water Dig in the Mobile Home Park
May contain: apparel, helmet, clothing, human, and person
Water Dig at 1:00 AM
May contain: human, person, fire, bonfire, flame, vehicle, transportation, and truck
Taking care of burn piles for our Cal Pines residents....If you need a pile burned and you are within our districts boundaries, give us a call! (530) 233.1151 -Cal PinesFire Department
May contain: person, human, and fireman
Structure Fire Training