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Application for Utility Services & Fee Information

California Pines Community Services District Utility Application & Current Rates 
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 NEW! Pay Online by visiting your Customer Account Portal by clicking the link below:




Frequently asked Questions:

Q: How do I pay my bill?

A:You can choose to pay online by clicking the link below, entering your credientials, and clicking the "pay now" option in your account portal. (Small fee applies)

Customer Portal if this does not work, please make sure you have changed the settings on any active pop up blockers to allow access to the site.

You may also copy and paste from the link below:




Customers may mail their payments to the district office at:

                                                376 CO RD 71

                                              Alturas CA 96101

Payment by phone is available (a small fee applies) by calling the District Office at:


M-F 10:00 AM -3:00 PM

We also have a drop box located on the Front Door of the District Office.


Q: Why is my Bill so high?

A: The Districts water, sewer and Trash rates went up February 1, 2020. This came after a rate study was performed.

Q: Why wasnt I informed of a rate increase?

A: After paying a company in Reno NV to send out 2 seperate notices to all 15,000+ property owners within the Districts Boundaries, the Board of Directors held mulitple Public Meetings regarding the rate increase. Out of all the property owners in the District Boundaries, only 2 owners showed up for one of the meetings. 

Q: What are the current rates?

A: Water and sewer base rates went up $1.00 making water now $33.25 and Sewer $ 39.00

 Trash Service went up $7.00 for the lower Cal Pines Unit's. It is currently  $21.00 monthly, 

Trash Services went up $13.59 for the Hill Units to make the new monthly rate $27.09.

Below is the new rates for water and sewer usage this is charged for the water and sewer usage per 100 CF:

$0.60  per 100 CF as well. See more information on our rates HERE

(Two cans per week Monday by 7:00 A.M. for the lower units and Tuesday by 7:00 A.M mornings for the Hill Units)

Vector (Mosquito Abatement)  $3.00